PS5: performance is improved with the last major update

News hardware PS5: performance is improved with the last major update

Released last week, the second major update allows storage expansion via SSD and 3D audio directly to TVs. Beyond that, it also brings performance improvements.

This is Digital Foundry, a British media specializing in technologies related to video games as well as console testing. On a weekly basis, members of the editorial staff review the news. This week, Digital Foundry returns to the update 13.0 of the Switch, the iPhone 13 but also the major update made by Sony to its PlayStation 5 last Wednesday. The latter brings a slight but welcome change in the frame rate.

It is Richard Leadbetter who speaks about it during this weekly debrief. As he put several tests to different PlayStation 5 models, he realized that it was the launch version that performed the best out of two games: Devil May Cry 5 and Control. After various questions, he concludes that it is the major update of the PlayStation 5 which increases the technical performance very slightly and not the hardware in itself:

PS5: performance is improved with the last major update

Richard Leadbetter insists that this is a very slight improvement, which only happens in certain cases: he notices that it is often the ray-tracing (functionality that allows to reproduce the physical behavior of light, such as reflections) the common denominator of these boosts of FPS.

A welcome minor change, especially since it was never mentioned in the blog post published by Sony. Last week, the manufacturer unveiled the content of the second major update of the PlayStation 5. In addition to the comfort options added to the interface, two big new features should be noted: it is now possible to integrate an SSD drive into the console (to increase the storage and play your PS5 games on it). In addition, 3D audio is now available on televisions via an option to be enabled in the console settings.

PS5: performance is improved with the last major update

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