Neymar, the rant of Pochettino

While his management has been talking a lot since Sunday, Mauricio Pochettino did not hesitate to reframe Neymar just weeks after his arrival on the Paris bench.

The season has only just begun but Mauricio Pochettino is already appearing for some in the hot seat. the PSG has certainly won his first six matches in Ligue 1, but the draw conceded to Bruges for its entry into the Champions League and the game developed by the Parisians would already make Qatar tick. And the replacement of Lionel Messi at the start of the last quarter of an hour, Sunday, facing theOlympique Lyonnais would also have gone badly in Doha. ” London is a beautiful city, you know that … “, Did not hesitate to tweet Khalifa Ben Hamad Al Thani, the brother of the Emir of Qatar, owner of PSG.

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The decision of the Argentine technician to leave his compatriot has not finished talking. Since Monday, the PSG ensures internally that this replacement obeyed a precautionary principle. Consequence of a crutch received by the former Barcelona on the knee a few minutes earlier. The speech given by the former Parisian defender at the end of the meeting opened the door to other interpretations. “”, He had explained, thus revealing the desire to establish authority.

The Parisian coach has always shown since his arrival of a benevolent management towards his troops. At least in the public square. Because to believe The Parisian, the former Argentinian technician would not have hesitated to attack Neymar in person, the daily newspaper in Ile-de-France evoking “A rant in the heart of winter”. This cropping in order would have followed “A breach of collective rules” and had marked “A change in the conduct of business” and “A new authority” from the Argentine.

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