Messi, the blow (really) hard

As a result of the crutch received Sunday against Olympique Lyonnais, Lionel Messi is forfeited for the trip to Metz on Wednesday.

Mauricio Pochettino’s communication did not fail to amaze. Asked about his decision to replace Lionel Messi at the start of the last quarter of an hour, Sunday, during the clash against Olympique Lyonnais, the coach of PSG had seemed to want to establish his authority. » I think everyone knows that we have a lot of very good players, with a squad of 35 elements.. We have to make choices, in the group and then in the match, thinking of the best for the team and for each player. Sometimes the decisions are positive or not, but that’s why we coach and stand next to the sidelines, to make decisions. It may or may not like« , he had confided.

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There was then no question of a possible physical problem. « I asked him how he was, he told me he was fine, no problem« , he had just clarified. It was not until Monday that PSG put forward the thesis of the precautionary principle following a crutch received on the knee. A blow hard enough for Lionel Messi to remain in care and undergo an MRI on Tuesday. With the key to a package for the trip of Parisians this Wednesday as part of the 7th day of Ligue 1.

The Argentinian indeed suffers from a »Bone contusion« and a new point will be made, Thursday, two days from the reception of Montpellier and especially five from that of Manchester City. The six-fold Golden Ball will not be the only missing mark in Lorraine. Marco Verratti, who resumed the race on Tuesday, is also forfeited, as is Sergio Ramos, who continues his individual preparation.

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