Hearthstone: update 21.3 is coming, here are all the changes

Game news Hearthstone: update 21.3 is coming, here are all the changes

Long planned by the developers, update 21.3 arrives tonight on Hearthstone and brings many changes since it affects both the title’s standard mode and Battlegrounds.

If United in Stormwind (Heartstone’s latest expansion) has already received a first balancing patch two weeks after its release, the developers wanted to adjust the shooting and are making new changes in update 21.3, expected tonight. . It affects certain cards in Standard Mode by upgrading them (this is a buff) or by reducing their powers (it is a nerf). If the main objective of this patch remains to reduce the intrinsic power of certain cards to avoid the domination of the same decks, it also aims to put on the front of the scene certain decks (set of cards played by the player) little exploited until today. Similar changes also observed on Battlefields (also called with its English name, Battlegrounds).

The best standard mode decks turned upside down

First of all, on the standard side, it is especially the warlock who sees himself the most affected by the nerves. Its quest (type of card linked to the last expansion) will be more complicated to perform, while the Mithril Wand is more expensive to play. There is also a reduction in power for Ilucia, the Shaman quest and the Wrathful Brute of the Demon Hunter.

At the same time, the developers took the opportunity to buffer certain archetypes (or deck models) via certain cards: Blaze and Mordresh for decks centered on the heroic power of the mage are the example, as well as the improvements for the pirates of the warrior.

Battlegrounds: Beasts and Demons Mostly Affected

Similar adjustments seen on Battlegrounds. The game mode began a big restructuring at the beginning of September: about thirty minions were removed, as many who arrived. This update 21.3 is therefore an opportunity for developers to balance things out. We especially see the big ones nerves who touch the demon archetype with the impatient impatient auspices that pass Tavern 4, as well as those who touch the beast archetype : The monstrous Macaw will no longer be able to trigger its effect on itself, while the leapfrog sees its death rattle change from + 2 / + 2 to + 1 / + 1.

This update 21.3 also brings other changes (available below) concerning the mode Arena and the mode Duels. It is expected today around 7:00 p.m. French time.

Other modifications

Duels mode update

  • Group Replacement, Troop Rally and Oops, there are only spells! go from Passive Treasure Group 2 to Ultra Rare Group 2.
  • All together go from Passive Treasure Group 1 to Group 2.
  • Void Touched Assistant is now excluded from deck building.

Arena update
Riding Ram is no longer part of the Arena selection. In addition, we have discovered an issue affecting the frequency of spawning of some cards. We’ve fixed it and we’re going to readjust those spawn frequencies to bring them closer to expected values, which should help all classes get closer to a 50% win rate.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when opening the contact list.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented challenging friends.
  • Fixed an issue with Maestra of the Costume Ball sometimes causing you to start the game as a thief (well, not her best costume).
  • Fixed an issue where Grand Magus Antonidas was unable to attack stealthed targets and would sometimes attack the caster if the opposing hero was stealthed.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed tradeable cards to retain their enchantments when shuffled into the deck by a non-tradable card.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some cards like Razor Chest Warguard from reducing the cost of cards after Celestial Alignment put into play.
  • Fixed an issue where Barrens Raider cost was reduced to less than 1 crystal when there were 10 or fewer cards left in your deck.
  • Fixed an issue with Generalissimo Fordragon, which was granting its effect to minions that were not in play.
  • Fixed several issues affecting some cards like Reality Master and Whelp Smuggler, which had the wrong number of triggers.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when swapping a Tavern Level 6 minion (e.g. when using Arcane Alteration, Malygos’ heroic power) and sometimes causing Malygos to disappear.
  • Fixed a display issue that appeared to reset opponent’s Tavern levels to level 1.

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Hearthstone: update 21.3 is coming, here are all the changes

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