Diablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress … We take stock

Game news Diablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress … We take stock

The release of Diablo II: Resurrected is fast approaching. The opportunity for us to offer you a summary of complete information on this release of the cult title of Blizzard. That’s all you need to know about replaying Diablo II.

When and on which machine will Diablo II: Resurrected be released?

This version will be available on September 23 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Is Diablo II: Resurrected a Remaster or a Remake?

Technically, Resurrected is a Remaster, as the operation and code of the game remain unchanged. This new version operates above all a significant graphic facelift. However, we are much closer to a complete facelift than a simple resolution increase. Because if the animations inevitably accuse the weight of the years, the 3D models and the decorations do not have to be ashamed of modern titles in isometric view. Players who have tried the beta have therefore been able to appreciate the frankly successful work carried out by the Blizzard teams on this new version. In addition, the cutscenes and the soundtrack have been reworked to breathe new life into the adventure.

Diablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress ... We take stockDiablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress ... We take stock

Is it possible to alternate between the vintage version and the remaster?

Absolutely. At the touch of a button, the player can switch between the 2000 Diablo II and the Resurrected version. It is therefore easy to admire the progress made and above all to attest to the respect that the Vicarious Visions studio has for the basic material. The artistic direction seems to be respected to the letter and even sublimated, which is much easier said than done.

Will new content be available?

Nothing has been announced regarding additional content compared to the 2000 Diablo II. However, Resurrected will obviously integrate the Lord of Destruction expansion.

Diablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress ... We take stock

Can I play it in multiplayer?

Yes. Up to 8 players can cooperate online. The title unfortunately does not include local cooperation

Will there be crossplay?

Nothing has been announced regarding crossplay as of yet. However, you can keep your progress between the different versions if you have the title on different platforms.

How many classes will be playable?

7 classes are available and each of them has 30 unique abilities. Blizzard describes them as follows: Amazon: Expert in handling the javelin and the bow, the Amazon demonstrates extraordinary agility. She draws on her magical prowess to enhance her undeniable abilities in combat.

  • Assassin : Member of an ancient vizjerei order intended to hunt lost mages, the assassin is a master of the arts of combat and uses deadly traps and shadow disciplines to defeat the forces of evil.
  • Necromancer : His power over life and death allows this sinister apothecary to summon armies of skeletons and golems. Poison, curses, bones: the necromancer leaves no respite to the enemy.
  • Barbaric: A true nomad, the barbarian combines his Herculean strength and robustness with his mastery of arms. In addition to his formidable melee attacks, his war cries galvanize his allies and demoralize the enemy.
  • Paladin : The paladin’s faith resides in his weapon and shield. Releasing powerful auras, the latter uses his mastery of martial skills and protective enchantments to purify the earth and send demons into the Abyss.
  • Witch : Master of the Elements, this scholar unleashes fearsome explosions of fire, ice, and lightning spells from a distance to disperse the enemy. A most effective arsenal against the armies of the Underworld.
  • Druid : Guardian of nature, the druid can take on a werewolf or bear form, command his pets, and unleash a real cataclysm using his earth, fire, wind and fire spells. cold.
Diablo II Resurrected: Content, shared progress ... We take stock

Apart from the graphics, have any other elements been revised?

The user interface has been modernized to bring it closer to contemporary canons. The chest for storing your rewards has also been enlarged. Finally, the ranking system has been overhauled and resets will be more frequent. You will therefore be more likely to be at the top of the table.

Ultra wide screens will they be supported on PC?

Unfortunately no. The title changed from 4: 3 to 16: 9, but 21: 9 and above were canceled. For good reason, these formats unbalance the game, because the AI ​​does not take into account the player on the other end of the screen. The entire balance of the title is therefore affected, which is why the development teams have preferred to remove this display ratio. At least these are the reasons they put forward.

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