Benzema, a performance never seen before!

Once again a scorer and decisive passer on Sunday against Valencia (1-2), Karim Benzema entered the annals of Real Madrid.

We don’t stop anymore Karim Benzema. At least in La Liga. Evidenced by the new service delivered by the French, Sunday, on the lawn of Valence. Confirming his state of grace, the former Lyonnais again compiled an assist and goal, allowing the Real Madrid to overthrow his host in the last moments of the meeting to win 2-1 at Mestalla.

He also scorer and decisive passer, Vinicius was not to be outdone, the Brazilian never ceasing to impress either. But now with 6 goals and 5 assists to his tally, it is Karim Benzema who compiles the status of top scorer and best assistor in La Liga. Involved on 11 goals, the Frenchman is also the most decisive player in Europe in the league, KB9 ahead there Erling Haaland, 7 goals and 3 assists on the clock.

Even more impressive, this stunning start to the season directed by Karim Benzema is simply unheard of in the history of Real Madrid. Same Cristiano Ronaldo, yet at ease when it comes to panicking the counters, has never experienced such a prolific start to the season. In the 21st century, only one player has done so well in La Liga (and even better): the inevitable Lionel Messi, who had indeed 8 goals and 5 assists after 5 days in the 2011-12 season.

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