Wolff cautious before any change

As the sprint qualifying leaves a mixed impression and F1 continues to reflect on the future of its Grand Prix weekends, Toto Wolff said he hopes the decisions will be taken calmly and offers some ideas.

The sprint qualifications are really not unanimous. While the first experiment at Silverstone was well received, the one at Monza dampened the excitement. While Interlagos will host a final test at the end of the season, the question of maintaining this format for next season arises… but there is no unanimity in the paddock on this subject. Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff recently confirmed that he is open to new ideas, but not at all costs. ” In the past, we were opposed to experiments because they were too controversial and mainly because they were in opposition to what this sport aspires to, that is to say to have real races, said the Austrian leader, known to have opposed the idea of ​​the inverted grid in 2020. We now have characters, it is well broadcast and the public knows that it is a question of meritocracy, that is to say the best driver and the best single-seater wins. But, before Interlagos, Toto Wolff calls for not acting under the influence of emotion.

Wolff: “Reduce Free Trial Sessions”

Indeed, the boss of the Silver Arrows ensures that it is not necessary to “deeply modify the regulations”. “We have too many responsibilities towards our sport to do anything with the rules,” he adds. If we have an exciting race in Brazil then there might be an interest in continuing down this path. But some proposals turn out to be too confusing. “If the format of Grand Prix weekends is to change in the future, Toto Wolff puts forward a relatively simple idea, that of” reduce free practice sessions to create more randomness in the results while keeping the rest as it is “. For the Austrian, it would be a question of removing one of the two free practice sessions on Friday but the return of an old practice could be put in the lot. ” We can also consider a warm-up on Sunday morning to add a little more spectacular.e ”, Toto Wolff concludes. While Stefano Domenicali is open to the idea of ​​continuing with the sprint qualifications, the debates are set to be intense.

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