The 2TB external hard drive at less than 70 €

Good plan news The 2TB external hard drive at less than 70 €

At Cdiscount we currently find the Element WD, a 2TB hard drive that will allow you to take your data everywhere with you and also considerably increase the storage of your PlayStation 4 and your Xbox One. And it is currently available for less than 70 €!

This Western Digital hard drive benefits from all of the brand’s know-how, which specializes in particular in data storage. With 2 TB of capacity, you will be able to bring a lot of data, or even increase the storage of your console!

The more time goes by, the more space we use takes up. It must be said that the quality of videos and photos has improved considerably, that we are only exchanging more and more things. And therefore, that we must also store more things.

And when you are mobile and want to transport in a slightly secure way, an external hard drive can be very effective. And Western Digital’s Element hard drive is perfect for this use. With its compact design and 2.5-inch format, it will be able to fit completely into the pockets of your bag, or even your jacket.

Quick to plug in, it works via a plug-and-play system. You plug in, it works. In addition, with its USB 3.0 connection, you will be able to manage your data quickly. Available for less than 70 €, you have access to 2 TB of storage!

WD Element 2TB: a great way to increase your PS4 memory

Indeed, another great advantage of this hard drive is that you can use it as a storage device on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console.

With games taking up more and more space, consoles need more and more space to store them. However, the two consoles manage to manage a very useful feature: being able to store and launch a game from a hard drive.

So by adding 2 TB to your PlayStation 4, you won’t have to delete any more games. And that, for less than 70 €!

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