Star Wars: Quantic Dream on its way to a galaxy far, far away?

Game news Star Wars: Quantic Dream on its way to a galaxy far, far away?

In recent months, EA no longer has the exclusivity on the production of Star Wars games, evidenced by the title currently in development at Ubisoft. But another studio seems to be preparing a new adaptation of the Disney license.

You will understand, this studio is Quantic Dream. The Parisian studio, which recently opened a new branch in Montreal, reportedly signed with Disney many months ago in an effort to develop a full Star Wars game. Information has been disclosed par Gautoz, former journalist at Gamekult during his morning session on Twitch, before being relayed and confirmed by Tom Henderson by DualShockers. The partnership would have been signed about 18 months ago, but the creators of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human don’t seem ready to talk about it yet.

A priori, the next game from Quantic Dream, now that they have finished their contract with Sony, (…) would be signed with Disney. (It) looks like Quantic Dream is at work on a Star Wars game. (…). I have no more information than that (…).

The former journalist puts this probable contract in connection with the communication of the studio, which vigorously defends itself against the accusations brought against him about a toxic work environment. For his part, Tom Henderson takes up the words of Gautoz, adding that he was able to exchange with someone with very solid evidence indicating that a Star Wars game has been in the works for a year and a half. However, development would only have started in the last few months.

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Star Wars: Quantic Dream on its way to a galaxy far, far away?

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  • Sources : Gautoz / DualShockers

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