Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion as you’ve never seen it with an original mod

Game news Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion as you’ve never seen it with an original mod

The Resident Evil franchise is no longer very young. It has certainly had its ups and downs, but it has always tried to reshuffle the cards within the video game industry, even going so far as to inaugurate a real revolution with episode 4, or even make notable changes, as recently.

Since the release of Resident Evil VII, which marked the beginning of a new triptych within the license itself, the developers of Capcom made a drastic choice and decided to change their minds by adopting a new view. The player, accustomed until now to a view in the third person, must now adapt to a view in the first person which has the merit of making the exploration more immersive.

This change of view brought, at the same time, technical constraints and, unfortunately, this modification proved difficult to apply to the original opus. But that was before the work of an amateur player and developer, working under the pseudonym of PerroAutonomo, who took on the challenge of making a PC port of the very first Resident Evil.. The special thing about this mod, made using the Unity engine, is that it takes you wandering the halls of the Spencer mansion in first person view.

With this work, PerroAutonomo does not seek to sublimate the first installment of a 25-year-old franchise, no. He seeks immersion above all, as well as a faithful reproduction of the oppressive and frightening atmosphere of the dismal mansion.. Admittedly, the work is far from finished – it is currently in beta phase – but it has a solid foundation which allows us to appreciate the environments traversed in Resident Evil first of the name. A version is also downloadable and already gives you the opportunity to take a short tour of the property, as a whole.

The developer also wishes to recall, in the hope of avoiding the Capcom chopper, that this project is obviously non-profit. By way of comparison, the goal being to bring a new vision to the game, PerroAutonomo’s work takes some liberties, in particular by reworking certain events of the game or by giving the opportunity to play Richard Aiken or Rebecca Chambers, and not only Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine.

Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion as you've never seen it with an original mod

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