PS5: new colors of DualSense controllers

Good plan news PS5: new colors of DualSense controllers

Multi fps gamers will be delighted to learn that the pS5 will soon feature DualSense controllers customized with paddles. Available in several colors, you can pre-order them now.

The first PS5 controllers with paddles

Hardcore gamer fans of competitive FPS have the same rhetoric: Nothing beats a Keyboard / Mouse to shine in the rankings. If this statement is difficult to dispute, many gamers prefer to opt for a good old controller for ease of use, habit of the game or ultimately the attachment to this accessory.

The democratization of the cross gen PC and consoles poses a serious problem of balancing! If the controller is much more comfortable, it remains less responsive than a keyboard / mouse calibrated for speed. To keep your level and compete with the Ladder, the paddles are a very popular option that give serious advantages to comforters. It is therefore now possible to combine the best of these two worlds for a rather convincing result! Micromania exclusively offers the first PS5 controllers customized with the famous palettes! A boon for competitors at heart who will be able to play their favorite games with an accessory designed for competition.

PS5: new colors of DualSense controllers

Burn controllers is a company that improves the performance of gamepads for FPS and offers a controller customization service for a grip and a unique look! French company pioneer in the improvement of controllers, it has seen 3 generations of consoles and was the first company to offer interchangeable palettes and sticks.

Micromania partners with Burn Controllers to offer you customized and high-performance controllers.

The DualSense: A Next Gen controller

For the rest, the controller does not differ in any way from the standard model, thus enjoying its innovative features. The mechanics used inside this accessory are based on haptic vibrations and adaptive triggers. The vibrations of the DualSense perfectly reproduce the sensations of touch via its extremely precise vibration motors.

The body is thus stimulated by reliefs or sensations of pressure which reproduce as faithfully as possible the action in play. Particularly used in the mobile sector, Nintendo was the first manufacturer to integrate it into its Joy-Con in 2017 DualSense goes further and increases the power of haptics tenfold by placing it at the heart of the experience.

Equally exotic, the adaptive triggers follow the action of the game, react and adapt to increase the immersion. In fact, in an FPS, when the weapon runs out of ammunition, the triggers are blocked! The effect is guaranteed and we can’t wait to see how the developers incorporate this technology into titles like Battlefield 2042 or Dead Space!

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