Pogba insulted in West Ham

Paul Pogba was insulted by a West Ham supporter when he left the field on Sunday after the success of Manchester United (1-2).

Paul pogba didn’t just make friends on the West Ham side. On Sunday, the French world champion was insulted by a Hammers fan as he returned to the locker room at London Stadium anear the success of Manchester United (1-2).

While greeting other spectators, and obviously some acquaintances, Pogba was taken apart by a man in the audience. “Shut your fuck … your mouth”, he told him. With an amused look, Pogba stopped in front of the viewer to ask them to repeat their words, which was done.

Under the watchful eye of Bruno Fernandes, Pogba was pulled into the locker room by Michael Carrick, MU’s assistant coach. The Frenchman was very calm, but it was better to prevent the situation from escalating further …

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