Pochettino, already the threat of Doha

Lionel Messi’s early exit against Lyon did not escape the Qatari royal family. Mauricio Pochettino will have to beware …

Obviously, Lionel Messi did not like it at all. The Argentine striker was released during the match on Sunday evening during the meeting between PSG and Olympique Lyonnais. And he did not hide his surprise, tinged with anger, by returning to the sidelines.

I have to say that Messi normally never goes out. The last time the six-time Golden Ball was replaced by his coach when his team did not lead in the score, it was in 2008, during a Barça-Zaragoza which takes us back to another era.

Pochettino already invited to pack his bags

Mauricio Pochettino therefore dared, justifying his decision. “I think everyone knows that we have a lot of very good players, with a workforce of 35 people, he thus explained. We have to make choices, in the group and then in the match, thinking of the best for the team and for each player. Sometimes the decisions are positive or not, but that’s why we coach and stand next to the sidelines, to make decisions. It may or may not like it. “

However, upset Messi is not a good idea to buy social peace when you are a PSG coach. Thus, Khalifa Ben Hamad Al Thani, the brother of the Emir of Qatar, owner of PSG, has published a few tweets that may worry Pochettino. The first (“The train driver .. has a small taxi license”) may make one think that the Argentinian coach is no match for leading the Parisian squad. The second invites him to pack his bags: “London is a beautiful city, you know that …”, it is written, with a photo of the former Tottenham manager.

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