Persona celebrates its 25th anniversary, the first announcements!

Game news Persona celebrates its 25th anniversary, the first announcements!

The Persona saga, a popular Japanese role-playing game series, turns 25 this year. A site has already been opened to kick off the festivities, listing seven upcoming events to celebrate the twenty-fifth spring of Atlus license. The first date even took place that night.

We talked about it last July: Atlus, the development studio behind the Persona saga, has opened a site to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Little information was to be found except seven surprise announcements planned by the developers, whose revelations are spread from the month of September until March 2022. The first of these meetings took place this night, and indicates the form of communication chosen by Atlus: each announcement will be made in a video posted on Youtube, via a program presented by Morgana (protagonist of Persona 5).

So it was last night that Atlus released the first of the seven scheduled shows. The studio has indicated that the animated films (Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5) will be available to stream in Japan. A treatment also reserved for the musicals of Persona 5 as well as for Trinity Soul, the first animated series linked to Persona. The second big announcement of this show concerns the unfolding an orchestral concert on November 21 at Tokyo Opera City Hall. No information concerning a retransmission was mentioned.

Nothing very thunderous therefore for fans of the saga. We will have to wait three months to watch the second show of the 25 years of Persona since it is expected for next December. Perhaps with hopes of Persona 6?

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