Peacemaker: a first comic extract for the spin-off!

News culture Peacemaker: a first comic extract for the spin-off!

Last week, the director of Suicide Squad announced a spin-off series on Peacemaker. He is one of the protagonists of the film who therefore has the right to a spin-off, a first teaser of which was released today.

Already the first images for Peacemaker, the series dedicated to the eponymous character of Suicide Squad. It was HBO Max, an on-demand SVOD platform, which posted a one-minute video on its networks. The latter includes new features to come on the platform. We note the presence of Succession, Euphoria, Insecure, Dune, Matrix : The Resurrection or even Peacemaker ”. It was James Gunn, director of Suicide Squad and behind five episodes of the spin-off, who also shared the images:

This first extract makes it possible to see again John Cena in the costume of this madman of the trigger, who did not trade his talent with the pistol in exchange for his humor since he manages to make signs of peace with a pump-action rifle. in crooked positions. Not very talkative, this teaser undoubtedly prepares the arrival of new trailers much more informative, while waiting of course the series will be released for January 2022.

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