Lens-Lille, the sanctions are starting to fall

The excesses observed on Saturday at Bollaert during the championship match between Lens and Lille will not have gone unpunished for long.

Faced with the seriousness of the facts once again observed in Ligue 1 – this time in the context of the North derby, Saturday in Bollaert, between the RC Lens and the Losc – the Professional Football League (LFP) has decided to act quickly, by convening a Disciplinary Commission on Monday to ratify a first round of sanctions.

Pending the final verdict, two precautionary measures were pronounced today by the disciplinary cell: ” A total closed session of the Félix Bollaert-Delelis stadium until the delivery of the final measure “; closed session concerning the Lens-Strasbourg Alsace and Lens-Reims meetings, on September 22 and 1is October. Furthermore, ” the closure of the visitors’ parking lot in Losc for matches played away from home until the final measure is pronounced “. This impacting in particular the Strasbourg-Lille on September 25th.

Verdict on October 6

« The decisions will be rendered at the end of the session on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 during which the instructor will submit his report. », Specifies the Disciplinary Commission which recently had to crack down on the sad spectacle offered by the Nice-Olympique de Marseille poster at the Allianz-Riviera (total in camera over three receptions for the Gym, plus a penalty of two points including one suspended). As a reminder, incidents broke out between Lensois and Lille supporters this Saturday at the break of the North derby. Several dozen Blood and Gold ultras having notably left their kop to invest the lawn of Bollaert and go to the foot of the visitor park.

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