Kanté (again) amazed Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel was full of praise Sunday after the great success of the Blues on the lawn of Tottenham (0-3).

Chelsea struck again on Sunday. Traveling to Tottenham on Sunday, the Blues won 3-0 despite a sluggish first period, only a few players finding favor in the eyes of Thomas Tuchel. “I was absolutely not satisfied with the first 45 minutes. There were individual performances which were excellent in the first half from Kepa and Thiago Silva, he thus confided. But in general we lacked intention, energy and relentlessness in duels and 50-50 balls. “

Another London player impressed the German technician: N’Golo Kanté, who scored the second London goal in the second half. “If you have N’Golo, you have something that everyone is looking for. You have everything you need in the midfield. You have the pace of work, the intensity, the ball gains, the skillful play, off the ball, with the ball, the dribbling, the energy and, today, even a goal, he explained about the former Caennais. I see him in training every day and it’s hard to believe how good he is. Don’t make the mistake of reducing it to ball retrievals. He’s great at all the possession games we have in training. “

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