Justice orders UEFA to cancel sanctions

In the wake of the creation of the Super League, the UEFA of Alekansder Ceferin was quick to sanction the renegades. Justice does not agree.

Ulcerated by the desire of twelve dissident clubs to create a closed Superleague, Aleksander Ceferin may have gone a bit fast. And the boss of the European Football Union (UEFA) could well find himself in the position of the sprinkler watered. This will be the case if he does not quickly cancel the sanctions decreed by his authority against Real, Barça and Juve.

Based on information from AS, Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara, in charge of the dispute between UEFA and the founding clubs of the Super League, gave Ceferin five days to abandon any idea of ​​sanction.

If he did not comply, then the native of Ljubjana (Slovenia) would be prosecuted for the offense of disobedience. According to me, ” UEFA has not provided any proof that it has so far quashed the disciplinary proceedings initiated by it against Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus« .

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