HyperX headsets: References to play on Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox

Good plan news HyperX headsets: References to play on Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox

If you’re looking for a benchmark headset, HyperX’s Cloud II is one of the best around. Enjoy it on consoles and PCs today sold at a very attractive price.


With the new Nintendo Switch update, a large number of gaming headsets are becoming compatible with the latest console from the Japanese manufacturer. It is therefore time for gamers to choose the right accessory and enjoy the console’s many titles with quality audio.

Indeed, gaming headsets are an integral part of the video game landscape and can significantly improve the user experience. Among the many proposals, HyperX differentiates itself from the competition with its range of products designed for high-level gaming. And the pros will tell you, the HyperX Cloud II headset is a size in the field of gaming accessories and proves to be an essential for PC and console gamers (compatible with Switch, PlayStation and Xbox in wired as in bluetooth). When it was launched, its price was 100 €, it now drops by several tens of euros to the delight of neophytes and hardcore gamers. The HyperX Cloud II is available in wired and wireless versions. Both are enjoying a tempting promotion giving you the opportunity to gear up without breaking the bank.

Why buy this helmet?

This helmet excels in its quality / price ratio which has very little equivalent on the market. Indeed, the competitors are much more expensive with a similar quality of sound. The microphone sound is very correct and its finish is of very good quality. Only the 7.1 function is very much below. Very comfortable, it is designed to be worn for several hours in a row without feeling the slightest discomfort, thanks in particular to its shape memory pads.


The red and black Hyper Cloud II headset is compatible with most of your gaming platforms including the Nintendo Switch thanks to the update allowing the console to accept bluetooth devices. On the sound side, the headset offers 7.1 via its control box integrated into the USB cable, and a USB or 3.5 mini-jack connection which is particularly useful for plugging it into your controllers or even your smartphones equipped with this port. For the Wireless version, no plug-in is necessary. The headset connects very easily to the device.

It is equipped with a USB audio control box and an integrated sound card which greatly enhance audio and voice to create an optimal sound experience for gaming. The independent controls allow you to adjust the listening volume and the microphone level and even to mute it. The microphone is detachable for those who prefer to use only the headset. Finally, you can also activate 7.1 surround sound or deactivate it directly via this small control box integrated into the USB cable. In short, at this discounted price, it’s hard to find much better.

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