GoldenEye 007: a discovery 24 years later shakes up speedrunners!

Game news GoldenEye 007: a discovery 24 years later shakes up speedrunners!

Since its release in 1997, GoldenEye has mobilized the speedrunner community. These players, whose goal is to complete the game as quickly as possible, continue to compete in the race for records. And a recent discovery turns the beaten track upside down.

It is not overused that the community of speedrunners of GoldenEye 007 is one of the most stubborn. If the game was released in 1997, many discoveries take place month after month. In 2017, Karl Jobst broke the world record achieved on Dam by dropping below the 52 seconds mark. At the same time, he breaks a time co-owned by a good number of players since 123 of them had achieved the time of 53 seconds on this first level. In August, another discovery is made by Riolo concerning the Aztec level. But it is the discovery made on Bunker 2 that interests us today.

A discovery as shocking as it is simple

It is Karl Jobst, fan of speed-running on GoldenEye 64, who explains it in a video posted on his Youtube channel two days ago. First of all, it recalls some basic mechanics necessary for any player wanting to try their hand at speedrun on the game. Karl Jobst indicates that the game, developed by Rare, offers very few bugs exploit. It is therefore necessary to rely on his talent and exploit other things. For example, it is essential to know techniques such as “The Warp“. It makes it possible to pass through the doors more quickly and to no longer use the ladders. This process consists of lowering the frame rate per second by firing or changing weapons: therefore the title takes longer to calculate the player’s position..

This trick has been in use since 1999, and is well known to gamers. Nonetheless, Bunker 2 is a level where James Bond starts in a cell and has no weapons. He must pause and use the magnetic gadget on the watch to pull the key to him. Nevertheless, the cell has a space small enough to be exploited by the technique “The Warp“except that James Bond has no weapons. Many speedrunners have tried different ways to get through the door without going through the traditional process, but many have broken their teeth and have not found a stable method. The trick was first discovered by Arcadia, an average player unknown to the speedrunner community: using the directional crosses on the joystick, a viewfinder appears and allows you to use The Warp. A seemingly simple method, which took 24 years to be discovered.

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