God of War Ragnarok: a release closer than you think? PlayStation listing intrigues gamers

Game news God of War Ragnarok: a release closer than you think? PlayStation listing intrigues gamers

It was not without some emotion that we recently learned that the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarök would put an end to the epic of Kratos in the frozen lands of Midgard. Even though all PlayStation players will have to mourn this adventure at the end of the diptych, many of them are eager to get their hands on this second installment. The question now is to know when, and precisely.

The announcement effect during PlayStation Showcase has, like who would say, work well. The mere sight of Kratos and a well-grown Atreus or getting more clues as to what to expect woke fans up, causing genuine jubilation. If the game took a long time to show itself, it looks like it may take a while to confirm its release date: the trailer for the event having ended on a wave of 2022.

This vagueness has a knack for pacing players who are eagerly awaiting the return of the series. God of War. Therefore, the slightest clue or the slightest word can be a source of comfort for some. Just recently, as mentioned by our colleagues at DualShockers, the official PlayStation network listed the game in a section called “Coming Soon”.

Thereby, God of War : Ragnarok shares poster with titles such as Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6, Little Devil Inside, Gran Turismo 7 or Stray. A quick addition which therefore aroused the curiosity of players and the DualShockers site which looked into the question, whether a release around the first quarter of 2022 is plausible.

As is and according to the previous franchise release dates, a release around March or even April 2022 could be possible. In the past, the various parts of the saga have tended to favor this interval. However, there are some points that could be problematic.

The first being the output ofHorizon Forbidden West, set for February 18, 2022, or that of Gran Turismo 7 scheduled for March 4, 2022. In other words, two months during which there are already two PlayStation exclusives: this configuration would potentially lead to an release in April. This choice would also allow Sony to start a new fiscal year on the hats of wheel: the latter generally starting at the very beginning of April.

The last point to underline, and not the least, concerns the presence of certain games within this “Coming Soon” section.. In particular that of Final Fantasy XVI who has been part of this selection for a while, which therefore does not seem to be a guarantee of completely reliable “fast” output. Still, even if avenues to be taken with a grain of salt emerge, we will have to be patient: a confirmation in due form will arrive soon enough, we hope.

God of War Ragnarok: a release closer than you think?  PlayStation listing intrigues gamers

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