Gobert’s counters paid off!

As part of the solidarity device “Change the game” launched last December by Yop, official partner of the NBA in France as well as of the French hub, Rudy Gobert’s 109 home blocks during the season brought in 54,500 euros to the Secours Popular. The pivot of Utah and the Blues himself handed the check to the foundation last Saturday in Paris.

No player that the native of Saint-Quentin has crossed on his way during his career will not deny: Rudy Gobert (2.16 m, 117 kg), in the racket, it moves! Until now, the activity, primarily defensive (he is the double best defender out of the NBA), the pivot of rare scope (2.36 m) for a position 5 and even more from his profile, had benefited at Cholet Basket, the only club whose colors he defended in France, but especially at Utah Jazz, whose native of Saint-Quentin has been wearing the jersey since 2013 and his first steps in the NBA after being drafted in 27th position by the Denver Nuggets at the time. And then Yop arrived. The official partner of the prestigious North American league in France but also official partner of Rudy Gobert launched last December a solidarity device called “Change the game: 1 against = 1 donation”. The concept ? For each cons made by the Jazz player on the floor of his team during the NBA season which has just ended on Milwaukee’s first coronation since 1974, Yop donated 500 euros to the Rudy’s Kid Foundation.

The check will be delivered in Paris by Gobert in person

In total: “Gobzilla”, undisputed block specialist, not to say the best potential blocker in the Great League, signed 109 home blocks during the 2020-2021 fiscal year. A fairly impressive number that raised 54,500 euros for the Rudy’s Kid Foundation and, by extension, for the Secours Populaire. The sum will in fact be donated to the foundation in order to be able to support children’s aid programs in France as well as actions encouraging the practice of sports and leisure activities among the most vulnerable populations. All in the form of a check for 54,500 € corresponding to the 500 euros donated each time Gobert blocked the way to his opponents on the floor of the Vivint Smart Home Arena, the lair of Jazz. The check in question, Rudy Gobert handed it in person to representatives of Secours Populaire last Saturday in Paris, at the Lippmann Gymnasium in the 17th arrondissement of the capital as part of a clinic organized by Yop. “Children should always be able to pursue their dreams, no matter what their circumstances. Yop shares my conviction that there is no limit to the goals that children can set to achieve their dreams, ”said the basketball player of the France team last December when starting his collaboration with the famous brand of drinkable yoghurt.

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