Far Cry 6: Antón Castillo puts the pressure on you in intimidating new clip

Game news Far Cry 6: Antón Castillo puts the pressure on you in intimidating new clip

The great family of psychopaths and sociopaths of Far Cry will welcome very soon, on October 7, a new member: Antón Castillo. A dictator, camped by actor Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian, The Boys) who excels in this kind of role, determined not to let himself go, facing the player, in the race to maintain his power and its influence on Yara Island.

Long before launching hostilities in the island regions of Yara, le charismatique Giancarlo Esposito, between two retouching on his elegant white / ivory suit, takes the player between four eyes to remind him how much the character of Antón Castillo that he plays in Far Cry 6 is not to be taken lightly, quite the contrary since he describes it as ” the cruelest villain he’s ever played “. When we know his filmography, his words leave one wondering about his performance in the game.

If he managed to get rid of a good number of opponents to the point of carving out a solid reputation, the dictator seems to have fallen on a bone when meeting you and immediately puts pressure on you. He sees his way of settling conflicts in a refined way and he does not hesitate to send you back to your simple condition as a resident of the island to take you down.

Likewise, he seems determined to honor the legacy of the antagonists of this saga which has now lasted more than 17 years. He also warns you one very last time by announcing that leading a resistance is not an easy task and that it will perhaps be necessary to pay a high price: will you be able to take the risk? ?

Far Cry 6 is due out on October 7 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. A preview is already available in our columns if you want to give yourself a little preview before the official release of the game.

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