Dreamcast: A famous character from a SEGA competitor discovered in a prototype

Game news Dreamcast: A famous character from a SEGA competitor discovered in a prototype

Released in Europe at the end of 1999, the Dreamcast unfortunately did not last long. Production ceased in 2001, ending the development of consoles at SEGA. However, the machine has become legendary, and many players continue to be interested in its history.

Recently, a large leak has allowed the release of more than 400 prototype Xbox and Dreamcast games, to the delight of video game historians and media lovers. One of them, called CombyLaurent1, recently made an astonishing discovery by dissecting a prototype of the Sega GT racing game. On Twitter, he said he took time to observe what hid the prototype titled with a lot of humor “sony2GT”. And what was not his astonishment discover Luigi, Mario’s brother, the iconic Nintendo mascot. The latter seems there to give the start of the race, since we see him holding a checkered flag on the captures that have been made.

Be careful, it’s completely crazy !!! Secret race in a Dreamcast prototype of SEGA GT !!! The name of the race is “sonygt2” !!! Who is here? It’s Luigi !!!!!!!!

Asked by our colleagues from Kotaku, CombyLaurent1 said that the character’s presence in this prototype was most likely a joke, and that the latter was not thought to be sold one day. If demos, canceled games, and prototypes are things that interest you, know that le site Hidden Palace lists all this in a spirit of conservation discovery. Recently, the people behind the site updated their catalog by adding 349 Xbox game prototypes and 135 Dreamcast prototypes.

Trailer: Sega GT Online

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