“We can set an example for a whole generation”

In an interview with L’Equipe, Evan Fournier, after the Games and his silver medal, notably expressed his ambitions, with inevitably in the back of his mind Paris 2024.

Evan Fournier is ambitious. This Sunday, during an interview with the French sports daily The team, the French international, just crowned with a silver medal acquired during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games in Japan, does not intend to stop there, with the French team. The 28-year-old is bound to have the next Olympic deadline in the back of his mind, but is thinking about the events that will take place before.

“Building a dynasty”

Starting with Euro 2022, which he obviously has no intention of missing: “Of course. I want to win the Euro. Now is not the time to stop. We have the opportunity to drive the point home, to build a dynasty. This team must grow each summer, want to meet again, relive these emotions, reactivate what made our success in Tokyo. : put the egos aside, go into battle for the other, have this winning mentality. And start over every year. It is an opportunity for our sport, but also something that can go beyond basketball, to advance sport in France. We can set an example for a whole generation. We do not have the right to miss this. Miss the Euro? We must stop, it’s in September. Everyone will have time to take their vacation. “

“The non-selection in 2016? I had hatred “

With therefore, in a corner of the head of the new resident of the New York Knicks franchise, Paris 2024: “Obviously, but my vision is to become as dominant as Spain for the past fifteen years. This is our first final. Before Paris, there are other deadlines. “Anyway, Evan Fournier, after his Games, confirmed more than ever that he had become a part of this French team, he who had barely digested his non-selection for the previous Games, in 2016: ” I had hatred. The announcement of the list on Twitter had been a massive blow. You are like in a parallel world so you don’t believe in it. And, beyond me, there was my wife, my father, my mother whom I see collapsing in tears. For my parents, beyond the disappointment, there was a personal Olympic dream that they couldn’t achieve as athletes, that they wanted to live through me. “

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