The ultra-fast USB flash drive from Sandisk down 42%

Good plan news The ultra-fast USB flash drive from Sandisk down 42%

For your large audio and video files, the USB 3.1 Extreme Pro key from Sandisk is available at a reduction of 42%!

For storing your software and applications, today’s USB drives have real advantages that rival other storage spaces. It is relatively easy these days to find USB keys of several TB, but on the speed side, the situation is quite different. In fact, the statistics recorded still remain below 100 MB in the vast majority of cases. This results in extended waiting times for transferring your audio and video files of several GB. For more responsiveness, it is therefore necessary to aim for speeds above 200 MB / s.

High speed USB sticks are normally priced blithely over $ 70. The Sandisk EXTREME PRO 128 GB USB key offers a speed of 420 MB / s, which is 4 times faster than those recorded on standard high-end keys. It is now on promotion of 42%. A very good value for money which therefore turns into an exceptional offer. This key particularly targets people with a fairly large content catalog with files that are still as good as quality.

The characteristics of the Sandisk Extreme Pro USB Key

The brand is the absolute reference in the market for memory cards and USB keys. Beyond the performance of the products in the range, the American brand regularly offers attractive promotions throughout the year. The very latest data transfer technologies are built into this high-end USB stick. The responsiveness and speed of this peripheral is largely due to its USB 3.2 connectivity, more than 10 times higher than the 2.0 or 3.0 standards.

A movie can be transferred to your computer in seconds thanks to the 380 MB / s write speed of the USB 3.2 Extreme Pro interface. For example, 4K content can be transferred in less than 15 seconds and 1000 photos in less than 25 seconds. Clearly you are dealing with one of the fastest keys on the market today.

This is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X v10.6 + (software download required for Mac).

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