The sale of OM already closed?

According to journalist Thibaud Vézirian, Olympique de Marseille would already be sold to a rich Saudi prince.

Like an old sea serpent, the rumor of a saleOlympic Marseille made his big comeback. If it had faded in recent months, the agitation around a potential recovery has been revived by journalist Thibaud Vézirian. During a Space Twitter, he put a coin in the machine by announcing that Frank McCourt had already sold the Marseille club to the wealthy Saudi prince, Al-Walid bin Talal. The formalization would only be a question of timing.

“Of course, it’s done”

“I spoke with a mayor of Aix-en-Provence last week, who told me:” Of course, it’s done, you had the information before us! So everyone knows in these circles (deputies, senators…). It is a story of the rhythm of information, of the rhythm of formalization. So as long as it is not official, it is denied. It’s classic, it’s normal. Everyone sets their own pace in relation to their interests. Today, in a history which includes a State, a league, a club, a town hall, a city which needs to find a renewal above all. Without the city and without the port, there would be no takeover of Olympique de Marseille ”, revealed Thibaud Vézirian.

“It is not at all a football affair”

And to continue: “Everything is intertwined but to interlock the puzzle, it is not easy. There is also a stage where we had to check for leaks. You don’t buy a 15 square meter apartment. It’s not a football affair at all, so it has nothing to do with sports journalism, it has nothing to do with journalism in general. Today, these are fairly secret business matters and we must not disturb this order which needs its timing for different causes and clauses. I meet people every day, even in Paris, who tell me about it. These are only people who have understood. “

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