Pierre Ménès, the big worry



  • 1/9

    Pierre Menes

    Violence in Ligue 1 stadiums makes him fear the worst.

  • 2/9

    Incidents in Bollaert

    Incidents between Lensois and Lille supporters at half-time in the North derby.

  • 3/9

    CRS in Bollaert

    The police quickly secured the visitor parking lot.

  • 4/9


    The Lille park in Bollaert.

  • 5/9

    A Lens-Lille under high tension

    Images that we don’t like to see …

  • 6/9

    Joy of RC Lens players at the end of the match

    The joy of RC Lens players at the end of the match.

  • 7/9

    Nice vs Olympique de Marseille

    On August 22, the meeting between Nice and Marseille gave rise to great tensions.

  • 8/9

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The Nice supporters invaded the lawn of the Allianz-Riviera at the start of the last quarter of an hour.

  • 9/9

    Nice-Olympique de Marseille

    The meeting will be replayed on October 27, on neutral ground.

After the invasion of the field during the derby between Lens and Lille, Pierre Ménès did not hide his anger. And fears the worst for the next matches.

At the time, this time, the meeting was able to end. Corn the derby between Lens and Lille was tarnished by a new invasion of the ground from the supporters at half-time. After Montpellier-Olympique de Marseille and the infamous Nice-Olympique de Marseille, this is the third match in which serious incidents involving the public have been observed. Enough to provoke the anger of Pierre Ménès.

“Three games in 6 fucking days, gets carried away the consultant on Twitter this Sunday morning. Montpellier, Nice, Lens. After 16 months without an audience. I maintain that it is irresponsible and that we will have to take severe measures. “

“It will take deaths for you to understand …”

Pierre Ménès calls for strong sanctions, and does not endorse the explanation provided by some Lensois supporters via Twitter. The Sang et Or ultras invaded the field because the Lille park had started throwing projectiles on the neighboring stand, whose audience is mainly family. Several spectators were also taken to the hospital. But even if the security of the stadium was overwhelmed, it was not for Lensois to invade the pitch to do justice.

“You see that’s the most pathetic part of this story, it’s: it was the others who started, Menes annoys. Does that allow you to invade the field? Unfortunately it will take deaths for you to understand, and more … ”

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