OM champion? “Not impossible”

One of the most visible Olympians at the start of the season, Luan Peres did not exclude a very good surprise at the end of the year.

Attractive in the game this season, conquering the field as required by the precepts of Jorge Sampaoli, loon is naturally ambitious. Certainly up to its initial objectives, namely a place on the podium and a ticket for the next Champions League. However, some see even higher. This is the case of Luan Peres, whose rise to power under the Ciel et Blanc jersey did not go unnoticed.

« Everything is possible, blows the Brazilian this Saturday at a press conference, at the mention of the competition of PSG and a possible fight for the title of champion of France. We saw it with the Bruges club where I played a while ago. Bruges almost deserved to win. If there should have been a winner in this match it should have been Bruges. Obviously PSG is an excellent team but not it is not invincible … »

“Everything remains open”

« In the league, everything remains open, continues Auriverde. If we continue at this pace and if we win our late match against Nice, we will be very close to Paris. It’s a great team, a top-level team, but we also have a great team. You have to be focused in each match to fight to the end, also with the two direct confrontations that we will have against Paris and in which we will have to be to our advantage. It’s difficult but each time you have to be determined, play well, win and keep in mind that it is possible to be a champion. »

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