LaPetitePelle draws JV – N ° 399

News inside LaPetitePelle draws JV – N ° 399

It’s Sunday, and once is not customary, it’s time for your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle! As every week, our illustrator draws the video game news for you. Today, he returns to the famous GeForce Now 2022 leak.

It’s a topic that made a lot of noise, the list of future GeForce Now 2022 games has been revealed, and as much to say that the names registered above have something to make you want. This discovery was brought to us by
Ighor July, a programmer who took advantage of an internal change in operation at GeForce Now to obtain an abundant amount of detail thanks to datamining. He therefore had access to a list of more than 18,000 games and programs., many of which will surely never make it to the platform. Despite this, the astonishment was not diminished for all that, and it is normal when we see that names such as Bioshock 2022 or Resident Evil 4 Remake are present at the call.

LaPetitePelle draws JV - N ° 399LaPetitePelle draws JV - N ° 399

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