Hermel offers a radical solution to eradicate violence

Fred Hermel advised clubs and groups of ultras to clean up their ranks themselves. He proposes a “life-long stadium” ban.

Just four weeks after the incidents of Nice-Olympique de Marseille, French football must deal with a new soap opera of the same nature. This Saturday, the Bollaert stadium experienced clashes and the invasion of the ground at half-time of the 113th North derby between Lens and Little (1-0). The first assessment already shows the scale of the incident; six minor injuries and two arrests. Spanish football expert Fred Hermel wants to take an example from La Liga and the Premier League in order to avoid violence in French stadiums.

« We’re going to end up with football without visitors. The clubs and the ultras themselves must clean up, confided the consultant. There will be legal sanctions from the authorities, but the clubs must take decisions so that these people are banned from stadium for life. It works like that in England and Spain. »

Convinced that it will quickly be necessary to clean up the Ligue 1 stands, Fred Hermel continued: ” Ordinary justice is not enough. France is making a fool of itself in front of the whole world. When we want we can. Real and Barça have done it. We are replacing violent groups with highly organized groups. In Madrid, they set up La Grada Joven where the Ultras Sur was. They are supporters under 30, we check their criminal records. They are the ones who animate the Bernabeu, with tickets at reduced prices. In Spain, we saw these terrible images of French football. It feels like they want to shoot themselves in the foot. »

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