Failing to play, Ramos opens gymnasiums

While the debut of Sergio Ramos in the jersey of PSG is still pending, the Spanish defender is busy outside the lawns.

Business is business. For want of shining under its new Parisian colors, Sergio Ramos grow his personal business, in the field of fitness. While he ” continues his individual preparation in the field », According to the latest medical press release dated PSG, who will have to do without his experienced Spanish defender this Sunday against Lyon, the person is preparing to open a gymnasium in Madrid.

Last spring, the merengue legend entered into a partnership with the Germans of the RSG Group GmbH, a monster of indoor sports activity on an international scale, reports the Sportune website. Ambassador of the John Reed Fitness brand, Sergio Ramos has joined forces with the latter to inaugurate a complex in Madrid’s central Moncloa district – an opening scheduled for next fall in Paris is also in the pipeline.

“No precise date or vision”

In the meantime, the 35-year-old pillar, still in delicacy with one of his calves, leaves his club in complete haze. ” We do not have a date or a precise vision regarding its availability but we are convinced that it will be back soon., dixit Mauricio Pochettino, PSG coach, in a press conference. Obviously, any player wants to replay as quickly as possible. What makes him happy is to be in the field, to train. But hey, we are quiet and he must be too. When he has fully recovered and regained the level of his teammates, it is obvious that he will have the opportunity to play. We hope it will happen soon. »

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