This is what the new 2000-piece LEGO Super Mario looks like

Good plan news This is what the new 2000-piece LEGO Super Mario looks like

The alliance between LEGO and Super Mario is one of the most prolific currently in terms of original achievements. And there, we find a very particular construction which honors one of Mario’s most famous blocks, the question mark block.

LEGO Super Mario: The Question Mark Block Pre-Order

LEGO and the Nintendo license, Super Mario have worked together to offer this construction which manages to concentrate in a single construction several iconic places of the license. Currently in pre-order, this Special Block will be available from the beginning of October!

LEGO has made a place for itself both in the world of video games and in the world of Pop Culture. Indeed, we find the famous bricks everywhere! Whether in the cinema, in video games or even in their best role, as a construction game.

In fact, in recent years, LEGO has been found with Star Wars as well as Stranger Things. But, with Super Mario, it’s truly a whole new dimension that opens up.

And the construction games resulting from this collaboration are particularly original. They include the most famous levels of the plumber from Nintendo. But on this construction, we are rather on a construction containing other constructions.

Indeed, in this block “?”, We will find several iconic landscapes of the Super Mario license such as the Castle of Peach, the Battle of Bob-Omb, the Mountain Gla-Gla and the Laves Fatales.

This block contains over 2000 pieces and offers a great building moment. Available from October 1st, the construction set is for pre-order for less than 170 €.

This is what the new 2000-piece LEGO Super Mario looks like

LEGO Super Mario : Le bloc point d’interrogation

This building set contains over 2000 pieces. It represents the question mark block “?” and contains 4 hidden Super Mario 64 levels:

  • Peach’s Castle
  • The Battle of Bob-Omb
  • Gla-Gla Mountain
  • Laves Fatales

It is also possible to react the LEGO character Mario from Starter Packs and obtain Power Stars.

The block measures 18cm high and sideways, and it contains 10 microfigurines: Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and King Bob-omb, as well as a Chomp, a Big Thug, Mr. Eye, Lakitu, a Penguin and the Little Penguin.

This is what the new 2000-piece LEGO Super Mario looks like

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