This 1TB Samsung SSD is less than 85 €

Good plan news This 1TB Samsung SSD is less than 85 €

If you are looking for a very fast and reliable SATA SSD, the Samsung model named 870 QVO of 1TB is available at 23% discount.

SSDs are increasingly becoming the standard for hardware configurations. In the big family, two types of quick storage space! While NVMe SSDs are the ultimate SSD, 2.5 “SATA SSDs have real advantages!

But how do they work? The latter store the data with a technology without any mechanical part, unlike the technologies involved in HDDs which opt for mechanical solutions. Software data processing eliminates bottlenecks and therefore streamlines the data flow to save response time. Saving space, less noise, reliability, speed of transfer of your files and especially loading time (for Windows as for your games), SSDs surpass traditional HDDs on all points. With the new generation consoles, these SSDs are democratizing and are already influencing future productions.

A very fast and reliable SSD

There are two main types of SSDs: NVMe and 2.5-inch SATA. As you know, NVMe type SSDs have the fastest transfer speed with speeds up to 7000 MB / s GB today! However, their prices remain very high on these very high-end 7000MB / s SSDs. Count more than 200 € to equip yourself with one of these storage solutions! A 2.5-inch SATA SSD is a little less efficient but brings real added value compared to those good old HDDs.

The Samsung 870 QVO 1TB allows for more storage space. In addition, its reading speed boosts your PC to make it more responsive, decrease latency for an affordable price thanks to the promotion offered by Amazon today.

For those who are wondering, the Samsung 870 QVO SSD is compatible with almost all desktop PCs. No matter your configuration, it can fit in without problem.

Released in 2020, the 870 QVO is the new model of the 860 QVO. Its speed has been increased both in reading (560MB / s instead of 550MB / s) and in writing (530 MB / s instead of 520 MB / s). These statistics show that we are up against one of the best SATA SSDs on the market in terms of speed.

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