Pokémon Arceus on Switch: Here’s how to get goodies if you pre-order it

Good plan news Pokémon Arceus on Switch: Here’s how to get goodies if you pre-order it

The Pokémon saga is tireless and will soon be relying on a brand new opus called Pokémon Arceus. If you are interested, know that the title is already offered at a very attractive price at Carrefour.

The next few months promise to be definitely loaded with Pokémon. While the Sparkling Pearl and Sparkling Diamond remakes are increasingly present, the legendary saga will soon host another episode, totally original this time: Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

And Fnac is currently offering a special pre-order! In addition to the € 10 discount on your Fnac loyalty account, it is possible to get the game’s Steelbook for free. To do this, simply add the pre-order of the game and the Steelbook to your cart to benefit from this discount!

You can also find the game at Carrefour. It is possible to get a ten euro voucher if you pre-order the game from the following link. Once applied, the promotion brings back the price of the title at only 34.49 €. For the moment, there is no better elsewhere!

Pokémon Arceus, an important adventure in the saga

The bias of Pokémon Legends Arceus is rather interesting: we will play the very first Pokémon trainer in history, a long, long time before the adventures that we all know. In the Hisui region, we will therefore play a member of the Galaxy Group who will go on quest for information on Pokémon. The legendary Pokémon Arceus will hold a special place in particular in the scenario …

The big comeback of the Pokémon saga, at a knockdown price

As usual, you will have to be careful where you put your feet since many fights against wild creatures will prevail, which can obviously be captured and then “upgraded” over the course of the battles. The traditional franchise DNA is not moving.

It goes without saying that with this new game, hopes are high for all fans of the saga, especially after Let’s Go Eevee / Pikachu which had not convinced everyone. Still developed by Game Freak, this open-world will be released exclusively on the Switch on January 28, 2022.

What’s more, you can get the game’s Steelbook for free by pre-ordering the title from Fnac. To do this, it’s simple, just add the two items to the cart to benefit from the offer.

We remind you, it is possible to pre-order it for a final price of € 34.49 at Carrefour. It is obviously very interesting, especially since the experience is planned to last many hours!

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