Nice-OM incidents, Fournier’s funny attitude



  • 1/22

    Julien Fournier

    The Director of Football of OGC Nice stirs up the embers.

  • 2/22

    Nice vs Olympique de Marseille

    On August 22, the meeting between Nice and Marseille gave rise to great tensions.

  • 3/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The League gives the Nice-Olympique de Marseille match to replay and inflicts two penalty points on the Gym, one of which is suspended.

  • 4/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The Nice supporters invaded the lawn of the Allianz-Riviera at the start of the last quarter of an hour.

  • 5/22

    Vincent Labrune

    The president of the LFP is worried about the violence observed in the stadiums since the start of the season.

  • 6/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The Nice coach hoped to see the meeting resume.

  • 7/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The Allianz Riviera was packed for the Mediterranean derby.

  • 8/22

    Kasper Dolberg

    Nice led in the scoring thanks to a goal from Kasper Dolberg.

  • 9/22

    Dimitri Payet against Nice

    The Aiglons supporters invaded the field after Dimitri Payet returned to the stands a bottle of water received in the back.

  • 10/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille (9)

    But the tension obviously rose a notch after the invasion of supporters.

  • 11/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    Scuffles broke out on the ground.

  • 12/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    Blows were exchanged on the lawn of the Allianz-Riviera.

  • 13/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    Jorge Sampaoli also seemed ready to do battle.

  • 14/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    Christophe Galtier appeared much calmer.

  • 15/22

    Nice vs Olympique de Marseille

    Gym president Jean-Pierre Rivère quickly descended on the lawn.

  • 16/22

    Jean-Pierre Rivere

    Jean-Pierre Rivère, the president of OGC Nice went to speak to the Nice ultras.

  • 17/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    The Nice boss tried to calm people down.

  • 18/22

    CRS at the Allianz-Riviera

    The CRS intervened last Sunday at the Allianz-Riviera.

  • 19/22

    Incidents Nice-Marseille

    And this in order to prevent any further intrusion.

  • 20/22

    Pablo Longoria

    However, Pablo Longoria judged that his players were not safe in Nice.

  • 21/22

    Christian Estrosi

    The mayor of Nice denounced the virulent behavior of the president of Olympique de Marseille in the stands.

  • 22/22

    Benoit Bastien

    Faced with Olympique de Marseille’s refusal to resume the match, Mr. Bastien had stopped the meeting.

The Director of Football of OGC Nice has put a piece in the controversy machine around Nice-Olympique de Marseille on August 22. The match will be replayed on October 27.

Julien Fournier wants to be right. There is obviously no place for appeasement and hindsight. To read the Director of football of OGC Nice, this Sunday in the newspaper Nice morning, Olympique de Marseille played the victims during the incidents that occurred during the Championship match played and then stopped at the Allianz-Riviera (3e daytime).

Fournier points to the role of the media, always quick to exaggerate: “ It became the nasty Nice supporters who invaded the field and hit the nice Olympique de Marseille players. This is not my reading of events. ”

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Although this official condemns the ” unacceptable behavior of those who screwed up the game “, His words give the impression of minimizing the acts of supporters of his team who invaded the field to attack Marseille players. And that’s not all.

Julien Fournier then adds: “ What matters to me is the next match to be played again against Olympique de Marseille. We will have to win it back because we have already won it once. ” He may have forgotten that the LFP, organizer of the competition, has sanctioned his club and canceled the result (1-0).

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