€ 1.99 per month for the 5 GB mobile plan Unlimited calls / texts

Good plan news € 1.99 per month for the 5 GB mobile plan Unlimited calls / texts

Until September 23 inclusive, Cdiscount Mobile is offering you a 5 GB 4G package for only € 1.99 valid for 12 months and without obligation. A great opportunity for small budgets to no longer pay a high price for packages of this type.


Cdiscount’s offer strangely reminds us of Free’s in its day… The brand’s mobile branch thus wishes to make an impression with a very aggressive price of only € 1.99.

The Cdiscount offer on the Bouygues Telecom network

The market continues to welcome new entrants and Cdiscount is one of these newcomers who come to confront the behemoths of the sector. To differentiate itself, the company sets up promotional offers to attract customers as much as possible and therefore develop its new branch and especially its notoriety.

In addition, note that Cdiscount relies on the Bouygues Télécom network which already covers nearly 64 million French people and which will therefore allow you to benefit from a solid network during your browsing, your calls and SMS.

For those who are worried about a change of number, no fear! You have the choice to keep your number! All you need to do is send your RIO number to Cdiscount and they will take care of the changes. This saves you time and keeps your mobile phone number.

This plan is calibrated for low budget users who are looking for a complete offer at an attractive price. For less than 10 € per month, you can enjoy social networks, video, and the same way throughout Europe and the overseas departments. In fact, in this offer, no less than 38 destinations are included. There are thus EU countries, and 8 overseas destinations.

The offer is limited in time until September 23 inclusive.

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