Wuchang Fallen Feathers: Souls-like in the heart of Imperial China is announced in gameplay

Game news Wuchang Fallen Feathers: Souls-like in the heart of Imperial China is announced in gameplay

The influence of FromSoftware’s games continues year after year, to such an extent that the coming 2020s will also have their share of Souls-like. Especially since Elden Ring, which is pointing the tip of its nose, could, in turn, offer a new reinterpretation of the genre from the masters in the field and clear the way for newcomers, including Wuchang: Fallen Feathers will make it. certainly gone.

The kind that is commonly referred to as the Souls-like will have had the right to many different frameworks, the developers having made the choice to rely on a gameplay which has been proven and its followers to insert it in a more original artistic direction, let’s say. This is a bit what the Chinese studio Leenzee Games wants to set up by choosing imperial China for its game setting, immersed in the midst of the Ming dynasty and crippled by supernatural manifestations.

For some time now, Chinese studios have been highlighting large-scale projects that have caught the attention of players, with, for example, Black Myth Wukong, which was revealed again not so long ago, and Lost Souls Aside ; or who have, quite simply, swept everything in their path to the image of Genshin Impact, in its kind. Like his acolytes, Wuchang: Fallen Feathers intends to make his own reputation and demonstrate that he is more than yet another copy of Dark Souls, even though his influences are more than pervasive in the extract released today.

For that, the developers of Leenzee Games have decided to publish a long video of 18 minutes to offer a first immersion in the atmosphere of the game, namely the last chaotic years of the Ming dynasty, and give us a glimpse of its mechanics and its Action-RPG side during clashes against the mysterious and sinister forces that threaten the country. On the program of the video, therefore, a crossing of several sets, fights, some cutscenes and, finally, an epic battle against a boss as horrible as dangerous.

No platform has been announced yet, but it would make sense to think the game is heading straight for release on next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, and PC. Especially since its potential release date is to be sought, at the earliest, for the 2024 horizon.

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