TGS 2021: SEGA disappoints its fans!

Game news TGS 2021: SEGA disappoints its fans!

The Tokyo Game Show is fast approaching and many big names in video games such as Nintendo, Square Enix or even SEGA and Atlus who have planned to make some announcements during the show. To raise the excitement with the players, the Japanese publisher released a trailer for a project not yet announced, but a small detail made the players tick and immediately cooled them down.

From September 30 until October 3, the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors to us for a new digital edition that will be more controlled than the previous one. On the list of participants, SEGA did not want to miss the boat and has already planned the announcements that will allow it to shine during the event.

It is therefore full of good intentions that SEGA published during the day, on a site provided for this purpose, a video to start the countdown to his next game, a J-RPG that wants to return to the fundamentals of the genre, with a strong emphasis on the story and on the mechanics of choice: just that! Let us pass the visual and sound qualities of this video teasing, the text in Japanese which accompanies the video and which, in passing, gives a framework to the ambitions of the project, revealed a very important clue.

A simple word which suddenly cooled the enthusiasm of the fans, that of “smartphone”. It would therefore seem, as the trailer points out, that SEGA’s next J-RPG project is rolling out on mobiles and not on consoles, as many hoped.. A final revelation which resulted in some dissatisfaction on the part of the players.

The announcement is, admittedly, frustrating but it is especially logical given the first target market, namely that of Japan, which is very fond of and consumer of mobile games, and which somewhat abandons the living room consoles.

Unfortunately for SEGA, the revelation has not had the desired effect for the moment but the Japanese publisher still has a few cartridges for the occasion. Especially since it is whispered behind the scenes that a new episode of Sakura Wars, a license which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, could be announced during the SEGA and Atlus livestream of the Tokyo Game Show.

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TGS 2021: SEGA disappoints its fans!

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