Schumacher, the magnificent confidence on his couple

Corinna Schumacher, wife of the seven-time F1 world champion, is an unwavering support for the former Ferrari icon.

In the shadow of Michael Schumarcher during his racing career, Corinna has become, since the terrible accident of the former F1 driver in December 2013, the new head of the Schumacher family. With one priority: protecting the seven-time world champion, who spent six months in a coma and whose state of health is shrouded in a great mystery.

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Usually very discreet, Corinna Schumacher is delivered as rarely in the documentary dedicated to Michael Schumacher and available since Wednesday, September 15 on Netflix. “He’s different, but he’s still here, she confided. In my opinion, it makes us stronger. We remain united, all together at home. Michael receives treatment. We do everything we can to improve his condition, to make him feel comfortable. But also so that he feels the presence of his family and the bond that unites us. Whatever happens, I will always do my best. ” Like always.

Never an argument

Corinna Schumacher, who left pilot Heinz-Harald Frentzer for Michael Schumacher, has always been an unwavering support for the former pilot. Present at his side, the young woman had nevertheless taken the habit of fading away. “He often came home at ten at night,” she recalls. We never went, for example, to dine in a good restaurant. We spent all our time in the tent. I was waiting for him, we ate a plate of pasta, we had a chat, and he was on his way to a new meeting. Then he would come back. Me, of course, I was delighted with the slightest minute that I could spend with him ”, she said, delivering a revealing anecdote about a night spent by her side in Suzuka: “I couldn’t sleep so I spent half the time sitting on the toilet (at the hotel, editor’s note). I didn’t want to wake him up. “

This presence was enough for the happiness of Michael Schumacher. “On the bus or backstage, I was always traveling with him. We have always enjoyed spending time together. He was happy to feel that I was supporting him, that he was not alone ”, she recalled. Questioned shortly before his accident, Michael Schumacher had confided in the strength of his couple, delivering an astonishing confidence. According to him, he never even quarreled with his wife. “It’s because we share the same values. During all the years of competition, she has been my guardian angel ”, he explains. A guardian angel who continues to watch over him.

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