PS4: major issues with update 9.00 reported, what to know in case of a crash

News tip PS4: major issues with update 9.00 reported, what to know in case of a crash

The 9.00 update aimed to bring the PS4 closer to the PS5. But it probably caused major problems for some users. In the following lines, we will help you remedy this.

The last big update for the PlayStation 4 has been available for a few days. However, the latter is controversial since it seems to cause a whole series of problems for console users. This update titled 9.00 aims to connect more PS4 and PS5, allowing players to see their PS5 trophy list on their PS4.

Gamers are also able to delete group messages if they are the creators and the PS4 Remote Play no longer requires a WiFi connection and 4G / 5G is now sufficient. But while these novelties are great on paper, many users have complained about Reddit slowdown after the update, see a crash rendering their console unusable.

There does not seem to be any difference between the models of the PS4 affected by the update. In addition, most of the users have not experienced any issues after installing 9.00. However, The PlayStation Support Forum has provided a solution to correct the problem, and we explain it below:

  • On your PC or Mac, create a folder named “PS4“at the root of a USB key formatted in FAT32. Inside this folder, create a subfolder”UPDATE“.
  • Always download the update file from your computer via this link. Right click on the link “PS4 Update File“, then click”Save link as“.
  • Place the downloaded file, “PS4UPDATE” in the file “UPDATE“.
  • Connect the USB key to your PS4 console then start there by “Safe modeTo do this, press and hold the power button and then release it when you hear a second beep.
  • Select “Update system software” then “Update from USB storage device“and press OK.

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