Pokémon Unite: the game is a real success and reveals its scores

Game news Pokémon Unite: the game is a real success and reveals its scores

Released last July only, Pokémon Unite caused a stir and the time was taken to take stock a few months later. Obviously, Nintendo does not have to worry too much about anything …

Without a doubt, Pokémon is one of the most lucrative sagas in the history of video games and even in culture itself. Obviously determined to continue this economic tradition, Nintendo is trying to reiterate the success of Pokémon GO with, this time, another free-to-play and officiating in a very different genre: the moba with Pokémon Unite, where the clashes are five against five in an arena.

For the moment reserved for the Switch, the title was launched on July 21 and has just unveiled its number of downloads, which has just crossed the bar of… nine million. A more than honorable result and which should especially grow enormously over the next few days: so to speak, Pokémon Unite will also land on iOS and Android on September 22, or in just a handful of short days. We imagine that success will also be there. A future record to be expected, even beyond Niantic’s augmented reality application?

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