Pokémon GO looks back on five years of success

Game news Pokémon GO looks back on five years of success

This year is synonymous with a birthday for Pokémon GO. Throughout the year, Niantic celebrated its fifth anniversary through various special events.

Niantic and The Pokémon Company have this time published a video to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Pokémon GO. This returns to the success of the game during these years, and particularly after its release in 2016, when the phenomenon of Pokemon hunting in the wilderness exploded in the eyes of the world. We see a editing of IRL experiences of trainers, telling how the game has changed their social life, allowed them to discover their environment, etc …

Five years later, the phenomenon is certainly less impressive, but the game benefits still very popular. Niantic and The Pokémon Company take advantage of this video to thank their loyal players.

Pokémon GO is still available on iOS and Android.

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