Outcast 2: The 1990s Didn’t Have Their Last Say

Game news Outcast 2: The 1990s Didn’t Have Their Last Say

The first Outcast came out in 1999 at a time when open-world action-adventure games weren’t very common. Appreciated by critics, the software edited by Infogrames (at the time) quickly became the little protégé of a community of fans. Good news, THQ has just announced the resumption of the service of Cutter Slade, the ex-marine who saved the planet Adelpha. No rest for the heroes!

After many adventures, the sequel to Outcast is becoming more and more real today thanks to THQ Nordic. Subtitle “A new beginning”, this new episode designed by Appeal Studios is a new departure for Slade, the main protagonist. He indeed wakes up on Adelpha and notices that mysterious robots are invading the planet.

Equipped with a jetpack, the hero will explore a level design world which should give pride of place to verticality. He will also face different opponents thanks to his weapons and his powers. In this sequel which takes place 20 years after the events of the original software, Appeal Studios intends to put exploration at the center of the experience. Although the action takes place on the same planet as that of the first game, the epic will take place in new areas that will give access to never-before-seen characters and creatures.

Outcast 2: Cutter Slade is back.

Appeal Studios promises a universe larger than that of the first game with many villages to discover and secrets to unearth. The ambition of the project is to adapt everything that made the success of the original software to today’s standards. We will therefore find a 100% solo open world adventure, developed under Unreal Engine 4. THQ Nordic specifies that the studio has in its ranks ten people who worked on the original title, including the game director, the artistic director. and the composer (Lennie Moore).

In development since 2018, the title developed by Appeal Studios has no release date announced for the moment. It must be said that the project has not yet reached the alpha stage. Outcast 2 is announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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