New LG B1 2021 OLED TV already in price reduction

Good plan news New LG B1 2021 OLED TV already in price reduction

If you’re looking for a next-gen 4K OLED TV with quite a bit of tech-savvy perks, LG’s 2021 model is available at a discounted price.

As usual, the Korean brand delivered a high-quality and state-of-the-art TV in 2021. LG is trying to update its favorite model, namely the CX, which has generated a lot of ink and collected praise from all techies and gamers.

This large 65 ”television is equipped with an OLED panel in Ultra High Definition 4K. Its video processor allows you to faithfully transcribe the images of your content by managing the brightness and resizing to the right resolution thanks to artificial intelligence.

The OLED panel manages colors dynamically using HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping technology. To the question that burns the lips of all gamers concerning the number of images per second, the LG model brushes them in the direction of the hair with its 120 FPS and the presence of its two HDMI 2.1 ports! Your PC gamers, PS5 and Xbox Series will be able to flourish on this TV which faithfully transmits the images of Next Gen games.

New LG B1 2021 OLED TV already in price reduction

Note that the TV also has two other HDMI 2.0 ports which provide 4K 60 FPS. You will be able to tweak your TV a bit thanks to the many calibration options. LG also adds HDR HGIG compatibility, support for VRR G-Sync and FreeSync technologies as well as the Game Optimizer menu to quickly access essential TV settings for gaming. Image tears due to not synchronizing with console graphics processor or PC graphics card are over.

On the audio side, we note the presence of Dolby Atmos compatibility and home Smart TV features that optimize the rendering of the voices of the content broadcast. Artificial intelligence plays an interesting role in audio management and also in voice assistance (Google Assistant and Alexa).

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Molotov, YouTube, Twitch… They are all available because it is obviously a Smart TV equipped with the very aesthetic Web OS of LG on which you can download lots of applications.

Not insignificant element, without being the most important, we agree, the remote control is very pleasant in hand with quite basic options but which fully fulfills its role.

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