Monster Hunter Rise: an unlikely crossover with Mega Man is announced in a canine trailer

Game news Monster Hunter Rise: an unlikely crossover with Mega Man is announced in a canine trailer

The hit Monster Hunter Rise intends to delight its community as the opus World had done with more or less surprising partnerships. Here it is a crossover with Mega Man that deserves a look …

Monster Hunter World, the best-selling game in Capcom’s history, has meticulously nurtured its audience with the help of a whole bunch of more or less wacky events. In the heap, we found a partnership with Mega Man, allowing to obtain the armor of the famous hero of Capcom for a result… original. This featuring is repeated in Monster Hunter Rise, however with a different guest.

A new companion for Monster Hunter Rise, and not just any

The iconic Capcom franchise is therefore back in the saga Monster Hunter : for the occasion, the opus Rise therefore welcomes Rush, the robotic dog of our blue mascot. Suffice to say that this one contrasts particularly with the artistic direction of the title for a rather amusing effect: Rush can be caressed with all the affection that we owe him and even mounted to speed through the levels, propellant to support. The opportunity to organize some improvised races with his teammates.

An imminent release for the Mega Man collab

Nintendo and Capcom have just published a first trailer, which presents Rush and its different possibilities. It is also and above all the way to know when this (free) collaboration will be available: the appointment is therefore set for September 24 on Switch. Remember that a PC version is still planned.

For completely anecdotal information, know that the title is a real commercial card: there are already more than 7.3 million sales for a game released only last March. Will it manage to do better than World with its 17.3 million takers?

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