Harit, Schalke a «souffert» until he bout

Rouven Schröder, the sporting director of Schalke 04, returned to the transfer of Amine Harit to Olympique de Marseille this summer.

Forced to first settle his concerns with the DNCG, concerning the supervision of the wage bill and recruitment, the Marseille direction had to fight until the last days of the transfer market in order to record the arrival of the Moroccan international and this despite a total agreement with all the parties involved in this file except the authorities.

« It was a big breath for everyone involved, including the player. He had a great desire to go to France. And we couldn’t really afford his salary for the whole season and we should have saved money in other areas if he had stayed, said the leader of the German club. Then the transfer dragged on, it was nerve-racking. Amine was already in Marseille, even the photos with him were already taken and posted there. Suddenly they were deleted again. »

The official announcement could not be made until an agreement was reached with the DNCG. It was necessary to wait for a financial effort from the player as well as from several executives in the locker room to complete the transfer. ” Marseille still had to clarify open questions with the league and the federation, continued Rouven Schröder. For us, it was madness: “Where are the photos? Parties! Amine’s advisor then reconnected with the club and helped steer things in the right direction. I sat down with my stepfather on the night of the decision, he was there and he suffered with me. Later he sent me an article about the transfer and wrote to me: “I was there. »Today, I can smile about it. »

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