eFootball: a DLC billed at a high price that asks you to wait … 2 months, here is the explanation

Game news eFootball: a DLC billed at a high price that asks you to wait … 2 months, here is the explanation

By taking on the juggernaut Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami has drawn the wrath of much of the licensing community, dear to their hearts since its debut as ISS, for International Superstar Soccer, in 1995. And the latest marketing breakthrough from Konami is once again likely to cringe.

License Pro Evolution Soccer therefore abandons its name and its economic model to become eFootball, a free-to-play competitor to the new iteration of Electronic Arts, FIFA 22. The title of Konami should also launch in ten days, September 30 exactly, and has already made available to players a first DLC sold at 40 €.

The “eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack”, that’s its name, allows you to acquire, for the modest sum mentioned just above, six “Chance Deals”, eight if you choose to pre-order the DLC now, as well. as 2800 eFootball coins. So here you are with eight opportunities to potentially acquire one of Konami’s 16 high-level club players and ambassadors in the title.

Each attempt allows you to get one of 16 players, and unless you choose to reset the player list, you will not be able to get the same player multiple times. Theoretically, since the bundle can be purchased more than once, it is possible to get your hands on all 16 players, provided you kindly spend the equivalent of € 80.

In fact, there is nothing simpler, per se, but there is a “but” and it is significant. Indeed, Konami is already offering you the possibility of providing you with this famous DLC but you will have to wait two months to use its content.. Because at the time of officially launching the 2022 season of eFootball, no player will be to claim and the eFootball tokens will have no use during this period : the game does not give access to other game modes until its first major update, that is to say in mid-November.

On this date, eFootball will indeed have a mode equivalent to the famous FIFA Ultimate Team and it is only from this moment that the content of the Premium Pack will be usable.. Until then, we will have to be content with friendly matches, locally or online, which will see two of the nine teams compete against each other, and a potential DLC lying dormant while waiting to be used.

Regarding the balance of the game, Konami ensures that it will be respected in order to ” ensure that all players can reach the same potential, regardless of how they acquire in-game items », Either through eFootball coins (for a fee), or through eFootball points or GPs.

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