Does Conte push Pochettino towards the exit?

Mauricio Pochettino has something to worry about! Antonio Conte gave his thoughts on the difficulty of coaching a team like PSG.

The former technician of Inter Milan, now a luxury consultant for Sky Sports Italia, indicated the difficulty in training a workforce of superstars. Behind this statement, one can imagine that Antonio Conte is eyeing the post of Mauricio Pochettino. Already announced to take over the reins of Paris Saint Germain during the summer transfer window, while Pochettino was tipped to return to Spurs, Antonio Conte finally did not find a place to fall in Paris.

This is following the disappointing game of the Red and Blue against Club Brugge (1-1) in Champions League that the coach passed by Juventus and Chelsea underlined the particular situation in which Pochettino finds himself: ” Usually, we coaches complain about the lack of players, especially quality players. In the case of Paris, we are talking about a team in which the coach has so much choice, and that is also a problem to be solved. »

He’s not the only consultant to have implied the Argentinian’s lack of skills.

Analysis followed by advice …

Only Antonio Conte does not stop at a simple analysis. He took the opportunity to share his expertise by subtly advising the PSG technician: ” For the coach, the key word is balance, with Neymar, Messi and Mbappé who must always play and occupy certain spaces without giving them up. Pochettino will have to be good to find a system of play that guarantees a minimum of security for the goalkeeper in the non-possession phase. If the Argentine coach fails to meet the objectives, Parisian leaders already know where to turn.

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