Batman is back in a new collection

Good plan news Batman is back in a new collection

Batman, the Terrible Hero of DC Comics is once again in the spotlight in a new collection of clothing and accessories featuring the great moments of Gotham’s masked hero. Shoes, hoodies, tables and even chairs are available in this new collection!

Batman: the Dark Knight in Mash Up version at Zavvi

Zavvi is currently offering a brand new collection dedicated to the batman: Batman. The latter is honored through the various stories that mark his long life as a heroes of comics and now of cinema. You will find, in Mash Up version, various accessories and goodies that will go so far as to brighten up your interior. And with the code DC30 you can enjoy 30% off clothing.

Batman is back in a new collection

Batman is one of the most famous icons in the superhero world. Coming from the house of DC Comics, his character has taken a very particular turn. Remaining a Gotha Playboy of Gotham City, his heroic counterpart, Batman, has lost its cartoonish aspect to drape itself in a darkness sublimating its Dark Knight side.

Indeed, behind the mask hides a man who made the fight against crime his reason for living. Multi-billionaire from Wayne House, Bruce Wayne of his civil name, uses his nightlife to hunt down criminals of all stripes of the vast Gotham City.

Sending them both to Blackgate Penitentiary and Arkham Asylum, he will encounter characters as dangerous as they are colorful. Whether it’s the Penguin, Bane, the scarecrow or even Red Hood, he will have a lot to do. And among these, if there is one that we must remember, it is the Joker, the Prince of Crime of Gotham City.

Batman Mash Up version: his accessories, his clothes and his shoes

All these moments, you will be able to relive them through this new collection which manages to marry the different atmospheres from the Batman comics. Whether through the Akedo shoes specially designed for this collection, the special clothing line or even the furniture for the home!

Namely: you can get 30% discount on the clothing collection. To do this, simply enter the code DC30 in the insert provided for this purpose when validating your basket!

Batman is back in a new collection

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